M Blackburn

M Blackburn is a cosplayer, illustrator, and makeup artist from Georgia. M has been cosplaying for almost a decade and began doing makeup at the age of 15. Inspired by drag, music, and anime, M brings their cosplay characters to life through intricate makeup, props, and costuming. They learned the art of makeup through YouTube and Tumblr tutorials, and wound up getting their very first job doing makeup at a haunted house!


Paradise Makeup AQ™ was the first Mehron product purchased by M, they immediately fell in love with it for its bold coverage, comfort, and durability.

“Paradise remains a long-time favorite due to the variety of colors and ease of use, but EDGE paint is quickly becoming a favorite due to its opaqueness and consistency! I also have taken a real love to Mehron Barrier Spray because it holds my makeup for hours, even at long conventions.” – M Blackburn

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